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30 Day Trans-Challenge

25) Doctor visits?


ugh.  i feel a lot of ways.  firstly, i am very lucky.  in the cities where i’ve lived, there have been low cost or free trans clinics for people without healthcare or much income, like me.  this means that i had to invest minimal money in therapy to get my letter, and i’ve been able to start hormones pretty easily.  i’m really glad that this is the case and that i don’t have to buy my hormones off the internt.  also, for the most part i really like callen lorde where i go now - and i always run into the most wonderful trans women there which just makes my day.

however, that being said i often feel like i’m getting a really low standard of care.  i have yet to see the same doctor more than once - there’s a new person every time i go.  some of the doctors don’t know what my prescription is, some have given me contradictory information, and although some have been very kind some are surprisingly rude.  the other day i got a test, and had to ask the nurse for a bandaid - they didn’t even put one on the site where i’d had blood, and i was bleeding.  she didn’t even notice.  overall, i don’t feel like doctors tend to understand trans issues or health very well, even when they’re working in a trans clinic.

i haven’t even started thinking about srs or my orchiectomy yet, but i expect it will be an ordeal.

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